Webbing Decor
  • Webbing Decor

    Spooky time is creeping up on us and its time to start thinking decorations.

    If you're tired of your old typical webbing for your house heres something to mix it up for ya!  This Polyester/ Cotton web netting will stretch accross most surfaces and is easy to tack up with thumb tacks or staples. It can also be used for costuming as well!


    Since it is a cotton/ polyester blend it you can dye it to whatever color you would like and you can apply fireproofing to it for extra safty for long term applications. 


    1lb of material will give you roughly 72sqft of coverage ( not stretched) and will come in an assorment of precut sizes.


    If you would like to purchase more than 5lbs of material message us for additional discounts.


      This product is NOT fireproofed. The web netting is a 50% Cotton/ 50%  Polyester blend so you can apply fire proofing of YOUR choice that best fits your application. 

      There are many ways of hanging this decoration, but the main way on most surfaces is using staples, thumb tacks or nails so apply with caution when using those type of fasteners.



    • Processing

      Expect 1-2 weeks processing time for order. 


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