Frequently asked questions

Are you the artist?

Yes I am the artist, but occasionally I will colaborate with other artists and note when I do so.

Do you use real bone in your artwork?

Yes, I also use resin cast bone that I manufacture myself. If it is not real bone it is either molded from origional sculptures or real bone.

Are your bones and butterflies ethically sourced?

Yes! all of my bones, and butterflies are ethically sourced.

Do you take custom orders/ commisions?

Yes! But a couple factors come into play, please read before you ask. - Type of commision? ( Jewlery, homewares, candles, origional art, sculpture etc.) - What is your budget? Be realistic and honest, don't waste my time and I won't waste yours :) - Timing. Due to the amount of traveling shows, I am constantly working to either maintain inventory or balance the personal life. So if you do inquire for a custom peice please factor in 2 to 4 weeks from the time of order for your peice to be completed if timing permits. - Is the commision request something I can connect with? If it does not seem like a project that I can give you my 100% then I will not take the request. You work hard for your money and I want to give you the best. -Lastly, don't be afraid to ask! I don't bite.... but the art sometimes does.

My Item was damaged in shipping what do I do?

We fully insure every item, unfortunately the postal services are extremely overwhelmed with demand so things don't always recieve the proper handling. If it is a shipping issue you will need to start a claim wth the carriar of your item using the tracking number we provide you with for reference. If it is a craftsmenship defect email or message Lil Miss Oddities directly on Lilmissoddities.com and we will remedy the issue accordingly.

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